Where Can I Study Forex In South Africa

What is a Forex?

The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies.

This market determines foreign exchange rates for every currency. It includes all aspects of buying, selling, and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices

Where Can I Study Forex In South Africa

JSE Training Academy

Is forex trading legal in South Africa?

It is legal to trade Forex in South Africa as the South African Government doesn’t have any laws governing the legality. Trading Forex is legal as long as you abide by financial laws that prevent money laundering and you declare your income tax

How many forex traders are there in South Africa?

How many individual forex traders are in South Africa? Out of the 55.91 million people who live in South Africa, 190,000 of them have traded online, according to a report by Broker Notes called ‘The Modern Trader

Is forex trading tax-free in South Africa?

Yes, it is. Any profits you make with Forex trading are taxable, just like your regular income, which means you have to file a Personal Income Tax form. The tax rate can range from 18% to 40% and it depends on the profits you’ve made

Who is the best trader in South Africa?

In a result, both of the traders are in the list of the top 10 richest forex traders in South Africa. Currently, George Van Der Riet is leading the Global Forex Institute together with Sandile Shezi.