Where Can I Study Facility Management In South Africa

What is a Facility Management?

Facility management or facilities management is a professional management discipline focused on efficient

and effective delivery of logistics and other support services related to real property and buildings.

Where Can I Study Facility Management In South Africa?

What are the requirements for facility management?

An up-to-date awareness of Health and Safety issues and appropriate legislation.

Good organizational skills.

Good communication skills.

Ability to manage and motivate a team.

Being able to work under pressure.

The ability to solve problems as they arise.

How Do I Become a Facilities Manager? 

Facilities managers typically hold a minimum of a bachelor’s in a relevant field such as business management or supply chain and operations management.

While a general business degree may be acceptable, many companies are now seeking candidates with specialized degrees.

What is the best degree in facility management?

Bachelor in International Facility Management.


BSc (Hons) in Facilities & Workplace Management – Blended.

International Facility Management.