Where Can I Study Ergonomics In South Africa

What is Ergonomics?

Human factors and ergonomics are the application of psychological and physiological principles to the engineering and design of products, processes, and systems. 

Where Can I Study Ergonomics In South Africa?

What is the qualification in ergonomics?

A career in ergonomics begins with an undergraduate degree in one of the behavioral, biomedical, health, social, or computer sciences or engineering.

Aspiring ergonomists take whichever courses are needed to complete a degree in their chosen field.

What are the training requirements for ergonomics?

There are no specific training requirements for ergonomics. However, employees who have been trained to identify and avoid ergonomic hazards are better able to avoid those hazards, leading to a safer workplace.

How do you become an ergonomist?

You can qualify as an ergonomist by doing a degree in ergonomics. You can also complete a degree in a related subject and then take a postgraduate course in ergonomics. Related subjects include occupational therapy.