Where Can I Study Environmental Engineering In South Africa

What is an Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineering is a professional engineering discipline related to environmental science.

Where Can I Study Environmental Engineering In South Africa?

The Master of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Professional) is offered in the branch of Civil Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg .

How do I become an environmental engineer in South Africa?

Degree: Study BEng or BSc Eng e.g. Civil Engineering, with Environmental Engineering. These courses are offered at all universities.

Diploma: BTech Civil Engineering and Environmental courses are offered at all universities of technology.

What does an environmental engineer do in South Africa?

Environmental engineers are concerned with assessing and managing the effects of human and other activities on the natural and built environment.

They apply their engineering knowledge and skills to such things as environmental impact assessment, natural resources management, and pollution control.

How much do environmental engineers earn in South Africa?

The average environmental engineer salary in South Africa is R 450 000 per year or R 231 per hour