Where Can I Study Econometrics In South Africa

What is a Econometric?

Econometrics is an application of statistical methods to economic data to give empirical content to economic relationships.

More precisely, it is “the quantitative analysis of actual economic phenomena based on the concurrent development of theory and observation, related by appropriate methods of inference.”

Where Can I Study Econometrics In South Africa

University of Pretoria

University of Cape Town

University of the Witwatersrand

University of South Africa

University of Stellenbosch

What qualifications do you need for Econometrics?

Admission Requirements

A potential student in possession of a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with an average of 60-64% for Econometrics 3 (NQF level 7) and an average of 65% for Economics 3 (NQF level 7), may be considered for entrance into Econometrics depending on the number of places available for the qualification.

Is Econometrics a useful degree?

A degree in Econometrics can be immensely valuable for those with a genuine passion for economics and a penchant for statistical analysis.

It equips students with the skills to dissect economic data, make informed decisions, and contribute to fields like finance, consulting, and research.

Are economists in demand in South Africa?

Numerous fields are waiting for economic graduates in the public and private sectors. You will find work in the government, banks, business journals, or higher education if you plan to pursue a PhD in Economics, later on.

How long does it take to become an Economist in South Africa?

BCom (Economics)

The BCom Economics is a three-year (full-time) degree course, during which time students are introduced to various economic principles. The core modules for specialization in Economics are Economics and Statistics.

How much does it cost to study economics in South Africa?

Estimated tuition fees per year (SA and SADC countries citizens)

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences1st year3rd year
BCom (Business Management)46 000 – 53 00037 000 – 42 000
BCom (Econometrics)47 000 – 62 00053 000
BCom (Economics)50 000 – 62 00046 000 – 51 000
BCom (Financial Sciences)39 000 – 53 00041 000 – 46 000

What are the requirements to study economics in South Africa?

Admission Requirements

A minimum APS of 25 in Mathematics or 28 in Mathematical Literacy. English 4 (50%), Mathematics 3 (40%) or Mathematical Literacy 6 (70%). Technical Mathematics is not accepted.

Is studying economics worth it in South Africa?

Economists are important contributors to the banking, finance, and insurance sectors of the economy.

Economists find themselves in important research positions throughout the country, working for consultancy firms, market analysts, and many other firms interested in improving outcomes for their firms or their clients.