Where Can I Study Diploma In Law In South Africa

What is a Diploma In Law?

The Diploma in Law is a one-year, part-time program that addresses the basic laws and legal principles that determine and influence the work of the State and private enterprise.

It focuses on four key subjects. Students will learn about, among other things, how the Irish courts operate, the rights protected by the Constitution, the legal powers of state bodies, the laws governing contracts and business relationships, and the laws that protect employees.

Where Can I Study Diploma In Law In South Africa

Where To Study Towards A Law Diploma

  • Damelin Correspondence College. Damelin, a private college in South Africa, offers a short online course in Labour Law.
  • University of South Africa (Unisa)
  • INTEC College.
  • University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Stellenbosch University.

Is a diploma in law worth it in South Africa?

Law continues to be a highly sought-after course of study at universities all over the globe and offers the training and experience to pursue a variety of professional paths both in and outside of the legal sector, so a career in law is worth considering.

Can I study LLB after diploma in law in South Africa?

A law diploma is the equivalent of a paralegal course. It teaches you some of the basics but not enough to warrant an LLB conversion. You can register for an LLB and ask the university to transfer your credits to your new degree. This will shave time off the degree itself.

How many years is it to study law in South Africa?


The four-year programme comprises mostly law subjects with several humanities or Commerce subjects at the first-year level.

You must take certain core law subjects if you wish to graduate with an LLB. Other subjects form a set of electives you can choose from.

What are the minimum requirements to study law in South Africa?

Entry Requirement

  • A National Senior Certificate with degree admission.
  • English Home Language level 5 or English First Additional Language level 6.
  • Mathematical Literacy level 5 or Mathematics level 3.
  • Life Orientation level 4.
  • Minimum composite Academic Point Score (APS) 32 not including Life Orientation.

Do you need maths to study law in South Africa?

Subjects needed to study law

That is the only subject requirement although you will also need an Admission Point Score (APS) of 32. This means that you can study law without maths, as long as you complete Maths Literacy. While English is the only requirement, there are other recommended subjects.