Where Can I Study Corporate Law In South Africa

What is a Corporate Law?

Corporate law is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations, and businesses. The term refers to the legal practice of law relating to corporations, or to the theory of corporations.

Where Can I Study Corporate Law In South Africa

The Master in Corporate Law at the University of South Africa (UNISA) provides comprehensive open distance learning in a socially responsible and distinctive manner that produces excellent scholarship and research, provides quality tuition, and fosters active community engagement.

How Do I Become A Corporate Lawyer In South Africa?

To become a corporate lawyer, you must earn an undergraduate degree in law or a degree in another subject, and then complete a conversion program.

Obtaining a training contract after you successfully pass the LPC is the next step in becoming a corporate solicitor.

What Subjects Do You Need To Study Corporate Law?

In the advanced contract law field, you can do a lot more.There are two types of competition law:

Government competition and consumer competition.

Foreign trade and investment

Economy of international trade and investment

A law that protects intellectual property.

International Business Transactions Law

How Long Does It Take To Be A Corporate Lawyer In South Africa?

A LLB Degree is typically completed in four years, a BCom Degree is also likely to be completed in five and it may be two or three years after finishing the LLB Law Degree.

You need to contact the NFA for confirmation if your degree is equivalent to an LLB in South Africa if you were outside of the country for graduate school.

How Much Do Corporate Lawyers Make In South Africa?

1P / P/R1360,413 (ZAR)

Is There A Demand For Corporate Lawyers In South Africa?

Legal aid is an in-demand profession for associates focused on mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, and consulting firms in South Africa.

24% of legal professionals intend to raise their 2020 salaries by between 7% and 10%, while 18% anticipate a wage increase between 11% and 12%.

What Subjects Are Needed To Become A Corporate Lawyer?

Different legal procedures govern our lives.

The office of the Chief Justice serves as the administrative court.

Torts.Communication with the law.

It is very common to have intellectual property.

The law related to civil and criminal matters.

In the area of legal advocacy.