Where Can I Study Chemical Engineering In South Africa

What is a Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering is an engineering field that deals with the study of the operation and design of chemical plants as well as methods of improving production. 

Where Can I Study Chemical Engineering In South Africa?

University of Johannesburg

Stellenbosch University

Klaipeda University

Witwatersrand University

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Muscat University

Durban University of Technology

How many years to become a chemical engineer in South Africa?

The chemical engineering degree is four years and is accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa.

How difficult is a chemical engineer?

Chemical engineering is undoubtedly tricky because it requires a lot of math and science and a substantial number of examinations at the university level.

Students prepare for class on average for 19 hours and 40 minutes each week in this field. Due to challenging courses and other reasons, many students drop out.

What is the hardest part about chemical engineering?

Firstly, chemical engineering involves the principles of multiple academic areas, including chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology.

This makes it hard to understand as several intertwined concepts, theories, and ideas exist.