Where Can I Study Animal Nutrition In South Africa

What is Animal Nutrition?

Animal nutrition entails the study of the composition of the material consumed by the animal and how this material is metabolized.

Where Can I Study Animal Nutrition In South Africa

University of Pretoria

At Animal Science Animal Nutrition from the University of Pretoria, the qualifications awarded are of world-class and provide access to a multitude of career opportunities for dynamic and creative people.

How do I become an animal scientist in South Africa?

To be recognized professionally as an animal scientist in South Africa, a person should have at least a four-year B. Sc. Agric. degree with animal science as a major subject.

What is the course of animal production in University of Pretoria?

MScAgric (Animal Science) Livestock production and ecology

This is a two-year degree that includes coursework, seminars, and a research project which is written up as a dissertation. Admittance requirements: The student must have a BSc(Agric) degree with an average mark of 60% in the chosen field of specialization.

How much does it cost to study veterinary science in South Africa?

Estimated tuition fees per year (SA and SADC countries citizens)

Faculty of Veterinary Science1st year3rd year
BVSc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science – new curriculum)49 000 – 58 00053 000 – 62 000
B Vet Nurse58 000 – 62 00048 000 – 50 000