Where Can I Study Aircraft Maintenance In South Africa

What is an Aircraft Maintenance?

Aircraft maintenance is the process of ensuring that an aircraft is safe and reliable for flight through regular inspections, repairs, and replacements of its components, systems, and structures.

It is a critical aspect of aviation safety, as even minor malfunctions or defects can have serious consequences in the air.

Where Can I Study Aircraft Maintenance In South Africa

NAC Technical Training Academy


NAC’s technical training facility at Rand Airport offers a first-year theoretical and practical syllabus for the Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic trade, demonstrating the group’s dedication to the aviation industry and to the development of essential skills in South Africa.

National Airways Corporation Technical Training Academy would like to welcome all prospective students interested in the trade of Aircraft Maintenance Mechanics. 

NAC Technical Training Academy is situated at Rand Airport, Germiston, South Africa. NAC is a well-established aviation company and offers a full range of aviation services and products to the fixed-wing and helicopter markets, including aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance, parts, value-added products, charter, international operations and pilot training. 

NAC hereby is inviting applications from suitably qualified students interested in a career in Aviation Maintenance to specialise in the trade “Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic” Training offered will be a 1st year theoretical and practical syllabus of the Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic trade. Training will take place at NAC’s Rand Airport facilities in Germiston. 

If you are a South African Citizen in Grade 12 (N3) and preferably younger than 25 years of age and/or a student with (+N4) Mathematics (+50 %), Physical science (+50%) English (+50%)and have a passion to work on aircraft, now is the time to contact us!

Students with N3 and N4 Aircraft Technology could have an advantage. We train both Fixed-wing and Helicopter maintenance requirements. 

Denel Technical Academy


Our Mission is to provide accredited, cost-effective, and efficient training of technical personnel for the aerospace, engineering, and defense industries according to the needs and requirements of our customers, in well-equipped nationally and internationally accredited facilities.

Denel Technical Academy provides Training mostly for Aircraft Mechanics, where provision is made to develop the individual to a level where a license from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA-CAA ) could be issued. Other groups such as Operators, Engineers, Aviation Managers, Apprentices, Office Staff, Store staff, and many more are trained. DTA offers thirty-seven (37) courses approved by the local CAA and fifty (50) various Advanced Aviation courses accredited by the Aerospace Chamber reporting to the Transport Education and Training Authority.

Phantom Aero Technical


Phantom Aero Technical is an aviation training company that was established in 2008 in South Africa. We specialize in Aviation Operation, Management, Technical Support, Technical Training, Consulting, and the Pre-Purchase inspection and sales of fixed-wing aircraft and Helicopters; we specialize in Small [4 to 6 Passengers], Medium [8 to 10 Passengers] Large Business Jets [12 to 50 passengers] and Specialize in Large commercial aircraft such as Boeing, Air Bus, Learjet and Gulfstream products Passenger and Freighter aircraft.

How long does it take to learn aircraft maintenance?

18-24 months

Aircraft mechanic training courses typically take 18-24 months to complete. Entry-level aircraft mechanic jobs are available, but on-the-job training routes take a minimum of 30 months to gain the necessary experience to obtain an A&P certification from the FAA.

Is aircraft maintenance a hard course?

The aviation maintenance technology course can be difficult for several reasons. Firstly, it requires a strong understanding of complex mechanical and technical concepts, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge in practical scenarios.