Where Can I Study Advanced Diploma In South Africa

What is an Advanced Diploma?

An advanced diploma is a certificate given by an educational institute for the completion of their study program. Advanced diplomas involve advanced learning, and they take much more time to complete the learning objectives.

They focus on practical skills and theoretical knowledge that are essential for work-life. There are some opportunities where the candidates can move to the degree level. This is based on the diploma that they are following. The time duration of an advanced diploma can vary from one course to another.

The time duration of an advanced diploma course runs two to three years. Although some diplomas request pre-requisite qualifications, some diplomas do not.

Where Can I Study Advanced Diploma In South Africa?

Advanced Diploma in General Management (AdvDip GM) GIBS. The University of Pretoria (UP) is one of Africa’s top universities and the largest contact university in South Africa.

How long is the advanced diploma program in South Africa?

Advanced Diploma (AdvDip)

Advanced Diploma programmes typically include simulated work experience or integrated learning work. Duration of study: Full-time 1 year / part-time 2 years.

Is an advanced diploma equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in South Africa?

That is a common question. Despite some similarities, the two have distinct qualifications. An advanced diploma can typically be finished faster than a bachelor’s degree and focuses on practical skills relevant to a particular job.

Is an advanced diploma a postgraduate or undergraduate in South Africa?

Advanced Diploma qualifications are classified as undergraduate. It is however processed (administratively) as a postgraduate qualification due to previous studies involved and different application closing dates.