Where Can I Study Advanced Diploma In Civil Engineering In South Africa

What is an Advanced Diploma In Civil Engineering?

This program aims to impart the necessary civil and structural engineering skills, and all the theory covered is tied to a practical outcome. Eight threads run through the program to give you maximum, functional coverage in the field of civil and structural engineering.

Where Can I Study Advanced Diploma In Civil Engineering In South Africa

  • Degrees: In-depth undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering or Master’s in Civil Engineering are provided by elite institutions. Prestigious universities like the University of PretoriaUniversity of Cape Town, and University of the Witwatersrand offer stellar civil engineering faculties.
  • Diplomas: Various institutions, including TVET colleges, proffer diplomas in civil engineering, emphasizing applied knowledge and foundational skills.
  • Certificates: Numerous institutions tender short, specialized courses focusing on niche areas within civil engineering, such as geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, or environmental engineering.
  • Short Courses & Workshops: For professionals in the industry or those wishing to hone specific skills, there are workshops and short courses on contemporary subjects like sustainable construction, BIM (Building Information Modelling), and urban drainage design.
  • Online Courses: With technological strides, a variety of online platforms and universities present courses in civil engineering, enabling remote and flexible study.
  • Full-time & Part-time: Depending on individual trajectories and other obligations, one can choose from immersive full-time programs or modular part-time courses.

How long is advanced diploma at UJ?

Full time 1 year or Part time 2 years. The purpose of this qualification is to provide students with the knowledge and Skills to develop software solutions to solve business problems effectively using the latest technologies.

What are the requirements for advanced diploma in UJ?

Admission Requirements

An applicant must hold an appropriate NQF level 6, 360 credits Diploma or an appropriate NQF Level 7, 360 credits Bachelor’s Degree, with an average of 60% obtained for the modules in the exit level year of the diploma or degree.