Where Can I Renew My Passport In South Africa

Where Can I Renew My Passport In South Africa?

Firstly, passports cannot be renewed once they expire; you will need to apply for a new one. South Africans can apply via the Home Affairs website. Please be advised that to complete an online passport application, you will need internet banking.

Renewing your passport can be an easy process, but it will cost you. The Department of Home Affairs charges a fee to renew a passport. This fee can be paid through internet banking, and applicants have 90 days to collect their new passports. There are also bank fees associated with the payment, so it’s important to factor those in when planning your renewal.

  • First-time application for a passport: R400
  • Application for a new passport (with old passport): R400
  • Application for a new passport (if your passport was lost): R800

Which banks do passports in South Africa?

All 29 bank branches where you can get your Smart ID and Passport in South Africa

  • Standard Bank: 9.
  • FNB: 7.
  • Absa: 6.
  • Nedbank: 5.
  • Investec Bank: 1.

Where are passports issued in South Africa?

Permanent South African passports and travel documents (machine-readable documents) are printed only in Pretoria, South Africa, from where they are dispatched to the offices of application.