Where Can I Notarize Documents in South Africa

What is a Notarized Document?

Notarized documents are documents that have been certified by a notary public to verify their authenticity.

Notarization includes the witness and record of the signing of documents to make sure the process is not fraudulent, and to assure that the documents can be trusted by the authorities who requested them.

Where Can I Notarize Documents in South Africa?

Documents used for legal purposes in South Africa can often be notarized free of charge at a South African Police Service (SAPS) station. Contact your nearest SAPS station for details.

Who can notarize documents in South Africa?

Notary Public

A Notary Public is an attorney admitted and authorized by the High Court of South Africa to witness signatures, draw and attest contracts and statements, and authenticate the validity of certain documents.

Document legalisation and notary service are dependent on the circumstances at hand and in which destination country your document will be presented. Exact pricing is not available until you communicate the factual situation to us. In order to find out what you need and for us quote you, please complete the secure online form below to get the exact costs and time estimate. You can use the incorporated facility to upload any documents you would like us to check.

R850 PER DOCUMENTApostille/Authentication5 – 10 working days (DIRCO Appointment)
R850Apostille at High CourtOne working day
R2500SAPS Police Clearance (from SA or abroad)15 – 30 business days
R160 PER DOCUMENTNotary Copy by Notary Public15 minutes walk-in service
FREECertifications (by Commissioner of Oaths)15 minutes walk-in service.
R850Embassy Attestations1 to 6 weeks depending on embassy.
R2000Letter of No Impediment (single or divorced status)6-8 weeks
R3500Unabridged marriage certificate (or abridged)6 – 8 Weeks
R2500Surname change (due to marriage or divorce only)Usually 1-2 weeks
R5000Vault birth or marriage certificate4 – 12 Weeks
R2500Death certificates1-8 weeks
R3000Divorce registration Home Affairs2 Weeks
R2500Divorce Order with case number1 – 4 Weeks
R500Settlement Agreement (if exists in the file) added to the above price.
R500 PER PAGETranslations of Document (Sworn Translator)1 – 7 days. Price may differ.
R10 000Criminal record expungements (Form and criteria)6 – 8 weeks
R300We collect-courier or courier from or to a South African address (Courier Guy)1 – 3 Business Days
R750We collect-courier or courier from or to an international address (DHL)2 – 6 Business Days

How long does it take to Legalise documents in South Africa?

South African High Court

The High Court is one of the departments that issue Apostille Certificates. It can take any time between a day to 5 days to have your document apostilled. This is because they allow walk-ins, where you can personally submit your documents, with no appointment needed.