Where Can I Get WD-40 In South Africa

What is a WD-40?

It acts as a lubricant, rust preventive, penetrant, and moisture displacer. 

Where Can I Get WD-40 In South Africa?

Lubricant WD 40 Spray 100Ml | LEROY MERLIN South Africa.

What else can I use if I don’t have WD-40?

Cooking Spray.

Vegetable Oil.


Coconut Oil.


Mineral Oil.

Plumber’s Grease.

What is the best WD-40 to buy?

WD-40 Specialist  White Lithium Grease

This long-lasting formula won’t melt, freeze, or run in harsh weather conditions. Also great for lubricating equipment before placing it in storage.

Are there different types of WD-40?

Its catalog lists 22 products each available in a range of sizes and applicator types.

In all, these various formulations encompass general spray lubricant, industrial grease, bike chain lube, roller chain lubrication, rust removers, and a variety of cleaners.