Where Can I Get SbR Repair Cream In South Africa

What is a SbR Repair Cream?

SBR Repair Cream is a specially formulated cream for chronically dry skin-restoring, replacing, and repairing compromised skin

Where Can I Get SbR Repair Cream In South Africa?

Zero BS Cosmetics

Address: 19 Leinster Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

Areas served: South Africa

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +27 83 454 3940


Address: 21 Lighthouse Rd, Umhlanga, Durban, 4319, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 pm

Phone: +27 860 102 091

Royal Pharmacy

Address: 301 Burger St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

Areas served: Edendale and nearby areas

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30 pm

Phone: +27 33 815 1690

How long does SBR repair take to work?

Significantly improves and protects against the signs and symptoms of dry skin disorders. Contains optimal skin-identical lipids

(ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids) for accelerated barrier repair. Effectively repairs skin barrier functions in less than 6 hours.

What are the benefits of SBR repair cream?

SBR Repair Cream is a specially formulated cream for chronically dry skin – restoring, replacing, and repairing compromised skin.

It has both a rapid and a lasting effect because it adds fatty substances to the skin and helps to protect the barrier function.