Where Can I Get Saxenda In South Africa

What is a Saxenda?

Liraglutide, sold under the brand names Victoza and Saxenda among others, is an anti-diabetic medication used to treat type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity. 

Where Can I Get Saxenda In South Africa?

What is the best way to take Saxenda?

It should be taken at any convenient time, with or without food. Saxenda should be injected under the skin (this is called subcutaneous injection)

in the stomach area (abdomen), upper leg (thigh), or upper arm as instructed by your (or your teen’s) healthcare provider. Do not inject into a vein or muscle.

What happens if I stop Saxenda for 2 days?

Saxenda does not cause an addiction, but when you stop taking it, side effects can develop. You may for example experience changes in appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

Your doctor may suggest slowly reducing your dose to minimize the possibility of these side effects.

How much does Saxenda cost in South Africa?

Depending on the dose, Ozempic can cost R1 500 (minimum dose) and over R 6000 (maximum dose) monthly.

For Saxenda, patients can expect to pay between R2 500 and R4 000, depending on the dose. The maximum dose per week of Ozempic for obesity is 2.4mg and 3mg for Saxenda.

What should I do if I miss a day of Saxenda?

If you forget a dose and remember it within 12 hours from when you usually take the dose, inject Saxenda as soon as you remember.

However, if more than 12 hours have passed since you should have used Saxenda®, skip the missed dose and inject your next dose the following day at the usual time.