Where Can I Get Satellite Finder In South Africa

What is a Satellite Finder?

A satellite finder works by measuring the signal strength of various satellites in geostationary orbit

Where Can I Get a Satellite Finder In South Africa?

Is there a free app for satellite finder?

About this app. SatFinder (Satellite Finder) is a tool that will help you to set up a satellite dish.

It will give you azimuth, elevation and LNB tilt for your location (based on GPS) and chosen satellite from the list. The result is shown both as numeric data and graphical on Google Maps.

How can I use my smartphone as a satellite finder?

First of all, you should enable GPS and Internet on your phone. Remember – in most cases, it is impossible to receive GPS signals inside buildings.

If the app finds your location, you must select the desired satellite.

The azimuth, elevation, and skew angle are calculated for your location and chosen satellite.