Where Can I Get Pomade In South Africa

What is a Pomade?

Pomade is a greasy, waxy, or water-based substance that is used to style hair. It generally gives the user’s hair a shiny, slick appearance. It lasts longer than most hair-care products and often requires multiple washes for complete removal.

Where Can I Get Pomade In South Africa?


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What type of pomade is best?

Without a doubt, water-based pomades are far superior because they’re easy to wash out, and easy to re-activate by adding a touch of water throughout the day. Oil-based pomades are very difficult to wash out, they stick to your hair and make for a messy lifestyle.

What are the two types of pomade?

Types of Pomades

Water-soluble pomades are generally more flexible, easier to restyle throughout the day and easier to wash out. Oil-based pomades are generally used for firmer, longer-lasting holds and for creating pompadours, quiffs, and other classic men’s hairstyles.

How long does pomade last?

your pomade should last for two years after opening it. Oil-based pomade can last even longer than water-based products. If you’re unsure, keep an eye on the colour, smell and consistency and replace it if there are changes.