Where Can I Get Mukuru Money In South Africa

What is Mukuru Money?

Mukuru offers a fast, reliable and affordable way to send money home. Send money to over 50 countries across Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States of America, with over 300,000 pay-in and payout locations.

Where Can I Get Mukuru Money In South Africa?

Where do I collect Mukuru money?

Your recipient will be sent a voucher number via SMS/Whatsapp with collection details. They will need to take the voucher number and their proof of ID to one of our Branches, Booths or Collection Partners. Our partners vary from banks, retail outlets, and mobile wallets.

Which banks have Mukuru in South Africa?

Mukuru Financial Services (Pty) Ltd, Reg. No. 2008/025860/07, (Mukuru) and Standard Bank have partnered to provide registered customers of Mukuru in South Africa with a Card.

How long does money stay in Mukuru?

within 72 hours

A voucher otherwise known as a Wicode expires within 72 hours after being issued to the recipient.

If you do not collect in – 72 hours the transaction will be reversed and the sender will be notified and given an option to redo the transaction.

How does Mukuru work in South Africa?

You can place an order using one of our mobile channels (WhatsApp, USSD or Mobi Site) or contact our call center and we will help you to place your order. You will need to have your recipient’s details close at hand.