Where Can I Get Microchip In South Africa

What is a Microchip?

An integrated circuit is a set of electronic circuits on one small flat piece of semiconductor material, usually silicon. In an IC, a large number of miniaturized transistors and other electronic components are integrated together on the chip

Where Can I Get Microchip In South Africa?

CommuniPet is an independent microchipping company in South Africa and has no association with any other microchipping company.

We have a national pet recovery database and a 24 hour, 365 days a year, pet recovery hotline providing an efficient service that all animal organisations as well as pet owners can rely on.

How much does a microchip cost in South Africa?

What does the average microchip cost the pet owner? The microchip and its insertion by a vet or SPCA can cost between R250– R450. Your pet is then identifiable for life. The microchip never “wears” out.

How many years does a microchip last?

Microchips are designed to last for 25 years, well over the average life expectancy for cats and dogs. This means that they will take care of your pet for their entire life.

It’s important to remember to update your contact information on the microchip’s registry if you move or get a new phone number.