Where Can I Get License Disk Holder In South Africa

What is a License Disk Holder?

This License Disc Holder offers a convenient way to carry your license disc wherever you go.

The holder is made from durable materials and comes in assorted colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your style. It’s the perfect fit for both your license disc and wallet.

Where Can I Get License Disk Holder In South Africa?

Where do I put my license disc in South Africa?

Answer: In terms of regulation 36 if the vehicle is fitted with a transparent windscreen it shall fitted to the lower left-hand corner of the windscreen in such a manner that the print on the face of the licence disc is visible to a person standing in front or to the left of the vehicle

How long can you drive with an expired license disc in South Africa?

You get a 21-day grace period if you have not renewed the expired motor vehicle license. The grace period is calculated from the expiry date of the current license disc.

You must renew your motor vehicle license at your relevant registering authority or at a selected post office near you.

How much do you pay for renewing your license disc late in South Africa?

The penalty fee is calculated at 10% of the annual licensing fee every month the license remains lapsed.

So, for example, if your annual licensing fee is R384 (as it is in Gauteng for a vehicle exceeding 750kg but not exceeding 1,000kg), the penalty for not renewing your license would be R38.