Where Can I Get Hawthorn In South Africa

What is a Hawthorn?

Where Can I Get Hawthorn In South Africa?

Does hawthorn grow in South Africa?

Hawthorns provide poor habitat for native fauna but have been reported to provide cover for pests. 

Three species of this genus were recorded in the Eastern Cape and Free State provinces of South Africa; C. monogyna, C.

How long does the hawthorn take to grow?

As it grows quickly – between 40-60cm per year – it should be trimmed after flowering, or during the autumn, but you must check for nesting birds before doing so.

Hawthorn is available as a bare root, root ball, and pot-grown plant, as well as instant hedging for immediate impact.

What season does Hawthorn grow?

Flowering season(s)Spring
Foliage season(s)Spring, Summer, Autumn
SunlightPartial shade, Full sun
Soil typeChalky, Clay, Loamy, Sandy
Soil pHNeutral

What is the season fruit for hawthorns?

In fall, Hawthorns produce small red pome fruits often referred to as “haws.” Similar to the crabapple, the flavor is rich and tart but eating quality varies greatly by species.

The hawthorn is also known for its extremely strong wood ideal for wood engravings.