Where Can I Get Goldenseal In South Africa

What is a Goldenseal?

Goldenseal, also called orangeroot or yellow puccoon, is a perennial herb in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae, native to North America.

It may be distinguished by its thick, yellow-knotted rootstock. The stem is purplish and hairy above ground and yellow below ground where it connects to the yellow rhizome.

Where Can I Get Goldenseal In South Africa?


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Where is the best place to find goldenseal?

Goldenseal colonies are found at the bottom or mid-slopes of rich woodlands, often near streams. Sometimes the slopes are deeply dissected by runoff or they may consist of limestone talus and cliffs.

The forests are usually mature with old logs and an open understory with a diverse Spring wildflower flora.

What is goldenseal most commonly used for?

European settlers adopted it as a medicinal plant, using it for a variety of conditions. Currently, goldenseal is promoted as a dietary supplement for colds and other respiratory tract infections, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), ulcers, and digestive upsets such as diarrhea and constipation.