Where Can I Get Contraceptive Patch In South Africa

Where Can I Get Contraceptive Patch In South Africa

The contraceptive patch is a small sticky patch that releases hormones into your body through your skin to prevent pregnancy.

How much is a contraceptive patch in South Africa?

It also has a two-day safety window, so if you forget to change your patch on a given day, you are still protected against pregnancy. Evra is available on prescription from pharmacies and costs in the region of R93 (inclusive of pharmacy exit fee) for a month’s supply.

Do I need a prescription for the contraceptive patch in South Africa?

For some forms, such as The Pill, the contraceptive patch, or the contraceptive injection, you need a prescription from a doctor that usually lasts for between three and six months.

What is the price of the contraceptive patch?

One box of the contraceptive patch typically costs between R 176.63 and R 278.44  in South Africa. This price also applies at pharmacies such as Dischem and Clicks. 

What contraceptives are available in South Africa?

Short-acting contraception: oral (”the pill” and the “mini-pill”), the patch, the vaginal ring. Medium-acting contraception: the injection. Long-acting reversible contraception: intrauterine devices, e.g. Mirena and Copper-T, the implant. Permanent/irreversible: bilateral tubal ligation (tying tubes), vasectomy.”