Where Can I Get Black Opal In South Africa

What is a Black Opal?

Black opal is the most precious type of opal and is characterized by a dark grey or deep black base displaying colors and hues that can be incredibly bright and intense, even electric.

According to the Opal Body Tone Guide, the tones of the Black Opal are classified between the N4 and the N1 range.

Where Can I Get Black Opal In South Africa?

Black Opal South Africa

Address: No 81, Unit 2 Showrooms Close Northlands DecoPark, NewMarket Rd, Northriding, Johannesburg, 2169, South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4:30 pm ⋅ Opens 8:30 am Tue

Phone: +27 11 462 5321

Is Black Opal foundation good?

This foundation is medium to full coverage, it is lightweight and buildable. It gives you a natural velvety finish.