Where Can I Get Antiperspirant In South Africa

What is Antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant is a skincare product that helps reduce underarm sweating. This is not to be confused with deodorant, which is only there to combat the bad odor.

Antiperspirants work by blocking the pores on the outer layer of your skin, reducing the amount of sweat allowed to the surface.

Where Can I Get Antiperspirant In South Africa?

Kiehls Apothecary

Address: V&A Waterfront, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Areas served: Cape Town and nearby areas

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 8:45 pm

Phone: +27 11 286 0998


Address: 36 Mopedi Rd, Sebenza, Edenvale, 1613, South Africa

Phone: +27 72 584 9337

How do I stop my armpits from sweating permanently?

Consider Botox injections or surgery

If other methods aren’t working, you might consider a medical procedure like Botox injections or surgery to stop excessive underarm sweating. Research has shown that Botox injections are effective for treating excessive armpit sweating.

Does antiperspirant stop sweating permanently?

Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants contain aluminum-based compounds that temporarily block sweat pores, thereby reducing the amount of perspiration that reaches your skin. Deodorants, on the other hand, can help eliminate odor but not perspiration.

What is the side effect of antiperspirant?

Allergic Reactions

This is the most common antiperspirant side effect. If you experience irritation, redness or itching from antiperspirant, stay away from formulas with artificial ingredients and dyes! Words like “Yellow Number 1” and “Fragrance” aren’t a good sign.