Where Can I Get a Dutch Visa In South Africa

What is a Dutch Visa?

A short-stay Schengen visa lets you visit the Netherlands and other Schengen countries for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. Your visa will be valid for a specific period. This period may be shorter than 90 days.

Where Can I Get a Dutch Visa In South Africa?

The VFS Global application center

To apply for a Schengen visa in South Africa go to the VFS Global application centre in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Where do I apply for a Schengen visa in South Africa?

Services and visa

The Consulate General in Cape Town continues to be responsible for the South African provinces of the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape. All Visa applications are handled by the Regional Consular Center Southern Africa in Pretoria.

How long does it take to get a Netherlands visa in South Africa?

Processing times

Type of visaProcessing time
Short-stay Schengen visa15 calendar days
Airport transit visa15 calendar days
Short-stay Caribbean visa15 calendar days
Long-stay Caribbean visa15 calendar days

How much does a visa to the Netherlands cost in South Africa?

Fees as of 1 December 2023

Schengen visa normal fee80,001.645,00
Schengen visa, low fee**35,00700,00
Airport transit visa child (under 6)Free of chargeFree of charge
Airport transit visa child (6 – 11)40,00820,00

What do I need to travel to Netherlands from South Africa?

Netherlands Visa Requirements

Schengen visa application form – Fill in online, print, and sign. The application form must be taken to the Visa Application Centre. Passport – Valid for at least three months after your last day of stay in the Schengen states. The passport must have at least two blank pages.