Where Can I Get a Blasting Certificate In South Africa

What is a Blasting Certificate?

Blasting Ticket on the other hand is a qualification given to a person who has been found competent to carry out lots of key areas surrounding blasting.

This involves key aspects such as safe transportation, drilling, making up primers, charging holes, detonating, and lots of other key areas.

Where Can I Get a Blasting Certificate In South Africa?

The process of the coordination of blasting certificate examinations is done at the regional offices of the Department of Mineral Resources.

Candidates or potential candidates are encouraged to contact the nearest regional offices of the Department of Mineral Resources which has jurisdiction over the mine where the candidate is employed.

How much is a blasting certificate in South Africa?


It costs R150,000.00 that is paid upfront, accommodation and meals are also provided but at an extra cost depending on the learner’s choice. You can ask for a formal quotation that covers both fees and accommodation plus meals.

What is the blasting course at the University of Pretoria?

The Safe and Efficient Surface Blasting short course covers the basics of commercial explosives and their application in surface mining environments.

You will be trained in the basic theory of the subject and the application thereof, whilst having the chance to interact with experts in the field.