Where Can I Find Statues In South Africa

Where Can I Find Statues In South Africa

A statue is a carved or cast figure of a person or animal, especially one that is life-size or larger.

Below is Where You Can Find Statues In South Africa

Nobel Square

Rhodes Memorial

Statue of Nelson Mandela

Freedom Park

Voortrekker Monument

Afrikaans Language Monument

Hector Pieterson Memorial

Just Nuisance

The Long March to Freedom

Bishop Gray Memorial

Intiem Love Bridge

Jan Smuts Statue

1820 Settler’s National Monument The

Genadendal National Monument

Gold mining Statue

High Court Annex benches

Huguenot Memorial Monument

Cape Town

Dalene Matthee memorial

Heroes Park

Mahatma Gandhi statue

Nelson Mandela Capture Site In Howick

Prestwich Memorial

Sacremento Cannon

What is the most famous statue in South Africa?

The Nelson Mandela statue on the Union Buildings grounds, Pretoria, Gauteng, of former President of South Africa and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela, stands 9 meters tall.

What is the meaning of the Nelson Mandela statue?

Instead of the more common raised fist salute, the statue shows Nelson Mandela smiling with his arms outstretched and hands open. This pose is meant to embrace the symbolism of unity and reconciliation. In the statue Madiba is embracing the entire nation, looking at the people before him and blessing them.