Where Can I Find Shells In South Africa

Where Can I Find Shells In South Africa

Is it illegal to pick up shells in South Africa?

The Sea Fishery Act 1988 has been, mostly replaced by the Marine Living Resources Act 1998, except about shells. Unless you have a permit, it is a crime to collect and remove shells from the sea or the seashore except for your own use and in then only in the number permitted by regulation.

Which beach in Cape Town has shells?

Shelley Bay Beach brings together sand, shells, and pebbles in a beautifully secluded area. What a great place to take a stroll and find an interesting selection of shells. The most amazing sunset you have ever seen can be enjoyed from Shelley Bay beach.

What is special about Shell Beach?

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Shell Beach is a favorite location for beachcombing and tidepooling. Stewards’ School Group Tide Pool Education Program offers docent-led tour tidepool tours for schools as an outdoor classroom for the study of tidal pool marine life.