Where Can I Find Rainfall Data In South Africa

Where Can I Find Rainfall Data In South Africa

The South African Weather Service collates, maintains, and runs a quality control process of South Africa’s meteorological and climatological data and related information. This archived data consists of: Daily rainfall values since 1836.

Where can I find rainfall data for South Africa?

You can find up-to-date rainfall maps as well as links to rainfall data on Drought SA.

Weather SA maintains historical rainfall maps as well as daily and ten-day rainfall data.

Where is the area where there is rain all year in South Africa?

The Karoo region is therefore limited to the inland plateau of South Africa. It also receives all-year rainfall, with a summer maximum in the form of thundershowers (Van Niekerk & Joubert 2011).

Where in South Africa has the most rainfall?

The area with the highest rainfall in South Africa is generally found along the eastern coastal region, particularly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The region experiences a subtropical climate, which is influenced by the warm Indian Ocean currents.

What is the total rainfall in South Africa?

South Africa's weather and climate - South Africa Gateway

It’s a dry country, classified as semi-arid. The average annual rainfall for the whole of South Africa is about 464 mm. The world average is about 860mm.