Where Can I Find Nutella In South Africa

What is a Nutella?

Nutella is a brand of brown, sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. 

Where Can I Find Nutella In South Africa?

Is all Nutella the same?

European Nutella specifies percentages of each that 13 percent of the finished product is hazelnut, and 7.4 percent of the recipe is cocoa.

No such proportions are offered for American Nutella—which is why many who have tried both verify that there are small but notable differences in color, flavor, and texture.

Which Nutella is best?

Swedish Nutella is the most chocolates. and people who prefer a less sweet, and more nutty spread will tend to like German and Swiss Nutella the best,

(although the German Nutella ranked better than the Swiss one). Belgian Nutella: of course, it’s still Nutella, but it’s the least favorite out of all 5 types tested.