Where Can I Find Burberry In South Africa

What is a Burberry?

Burberry Group plc is a British luxury fashion house established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and headquartered in London, England. It designs and distributes ready-to-wear, including trench coats, leather accessories, and footwear.

Where Can I Find Burberry In South Africa?

Burberry – V&A Waterfront

The Golden Mile is the beating heart of the mall; it is the perfect combination of South African AND European styles, and you can find the Burberry store at shop number 7229. This Burberry store is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike for the top luxury goods.

Is Burberry very expensive?

Burberry is considered a luxury brand, and several factors contribute to the high price of its clothing: Brand Heritage and Prestige:

Burberry has a long history dating back to 1856. It’s known for its iconic trench coats and classic check pattern, which have become symbols of the brand’s heritage and prestige.