Where Can I Find Alligator Pepper In South Africa

What is an Alligator Pepper?

Alligator pepper is a West African spice made from the seeds and seed pods of Aframomum danielli, A. stratum or A. exscapum.

It is a close relative of grains of paradise, obtained from the closely related species, Aframomum melegueta or “grains of paradise”.

Where Can I Find Alligator Pepper In South Africa?


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What is alligator pepper used for?

Alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) is a spice that is widely used in many cultures for entertainment, religious rites, food flavor, and as a part of many traditional doctors’ medications. Pregnant women are among those who ingest Alligator pepper in these activities.

Is alligator pepper a fruit or vegetable?

It is a spicy edible fruit that is cultivated in the tropics and often served along with kola nuts and alcoholic drinks to entertain guests. Alligator pepper is popularly used as an herbal remedy against a wide range of ailments in folkloric medicine in different parts of the world.