Where Can I Find A Commissioner Of Oaths In South Africa

What is a Commissioner Of Oaths?

A Commissioner for Oaths is a person who is authorized to witness the signing of important legal documents, including affidavits and statutory declarations. They are appointed by the Chief Justice and are usually, though not always, a solicitor.

Where Can I Find A Commissioner Of Oaths In South Africa?

Who are the Commissioner of Oaths in South Africa?

Attorneys, bank managers, marriage officers, and police officers are, by the nature of the position they hold, Commissioners of Oaths.

An application to become a Commissioner of Oaths can also be made to the local Magistrate’s Court, on the prescribed form, by any person who wishes to become a Commissioner of Oaths.

How do I get a Commissioner of Oaths stamp in South Africa?

If you are eligible and would like to become a Commissioner of Oaths, you are required to fill in this form, arrange an appointment with the local magistrate, and hand it in personally.

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How much does a Commissioner of Oaths charge in South Africa?


There is no fee to be charged for administering an oath or affirmation, attesting a declaration or certifying a document. A Commissioner of Oaths is not allowed to administer an oath or affirmation relating to a matter in which he or she has an interest.

Is an advocate a Commissioner of oaths in South Africa?

You can approach the following ex officio commissioners: Advocates; admitted attorneys, conveyancers, and notaries; magistrates; and judge’s secretaries;

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs; Certain members of the South African Police Force (yes – you can just go to your nearest police station);