Where Can I Donate Sperm For Money In South Africa

What is a Sperm?

Sperm is the male reproductive cell, or gamete, in anisogamous forms of sexual reproduction.

Animals produce motile sperm with a tail known as a flagellum, which is known as spermatozoa, while some red algae and fungi produce non-motile sperm cells, known as spermatia.

Where Can I Donate Sperm For Money In South Africa?

The Aevitas Sperm Donation Agency

The Aevitas Sperm Donation Agency provides our donors with a seamless donation process from screening to donation.

Donors are financially compensated for the time and effort they invest. Meticulous management of the few select families who may choose a particular donor is a key element of the work the Agency performs.

How much is it to get pregnant with a sperm donor in South Africa?

The cost of this is R 20 000 for Aevitas and Tygerberg and R22 000 for patients from other clinics.

Should you wish to select one of our prestigious Aevitas Sperm Donors, but you are not a Cape Town citizen, Aevitas Sperm Bank can gladly be of assistance through our trusted couriers.

How much does a sperm count cost in South Africa?

Fertility Screening, Ultrasound, HSG & Laboratory Test Price List

Consultation FeesR 600
Sperm Analysis (Prices exclude consultation fees of R600; Total: R 1 730. However, if you have a referral letter, we will not charge you consultation fees)R 1 130
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