Where Can I Collect Mukuru Money In South Africa

What is Mukuru Money?

Mukuru is Africa’s leading financial services platform giving you access to money transfers, card services, loans, funeral cover & more. Send money now.

Where Can I Collect Mukuru Money In South Africa?

WorldRemit Customers Can Collect Money Transfers at Mukuru

WorldRemit customers can now collect WorldRemit money transfers at any of the many Mukuru Branches across South Africa. Get a Mukuru Card and the money can be transferred directly onto your card to transact with.

Which banks have Mukuru in South Africa?

Mukuru Financial Services (Pty) Ltd, Reg. No. 2008/025860/07, (Mukuru) and Standard Bank have partnered to provide registered customers of Mukuru in South Africa with a Card.

Who owns Mukuru in South Africa?

The company was founded by Zimbabwean entrepreneur Rob Burrell, who is also an up-and-coming musician, with a number of entrepreneurial attempts under his belt.

According to Rheeder, while many view Mukuru as a technology company, its business is centered around helping people at a very personal level.