Where Can I Buy Shox Speaker In South Africa

What is a Shox Speaker?

Where Can I Buy Shox Speaker In South Africa?

What to consider when buying a Shox Speaker

Audio quality.

Battery life.



Audio power.

Bluetooth version.

Option for connecting with multiple speakers.

How can you tell if a speaker is good quality?

Clarity and Detail.

Depth of Sound.



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Can shoX speakers connect?

Plus, wirelessly connect two shoX Ignite speakers, with the impressive Dual-Sync Tech* feature, to enjoy an immersive stereo experience.

How do I reset my shoX speaker?

Check for a dedicated reset button or a specific combination of buttons on the speaker. Manufacturers often provide a designated button or a button combination specifically for resetting the speaker. 

Locate the reset button or buttons and press and hold it for a few seconds.