Where Can I Buy Quark In South Africa

What is a Quark?

A quark is a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components of atomic nuclei. All commonly observable matter is composed of up quarks, down quarks, and electrons.

Where Can I Buy Quark In South Africa?

The French Market

Address: Mill St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

Phone: +27 83 300 6725

Cape Cheese Products

Address: 1c Railway Rd, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4 pm ⋅ Opens 7:30 am Thu

Phone: +27 21 551 3087

Zandam Cheese

Address: R312 Lichtenburg Road, Durbanville, 7551, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Phone: +27 21 976 9794

Is quark available in South Africa?

Camphill Dairy on the West Coast produces a plain quark available in select branches of Spar, delis and health stores, while the German-trained cheesemaker at St Dairy in Bloemfontein boasts plain, fruited and savoury herbed versions.