Where Can I Buy Pecks Anchovette In South Africa

What is a Pecks Anchovette?

South Africans of all ages agree – crisp toasted white bread, yummy butter and Pecks anchovette is what memories are made of.

A savoury fish spread of absolute quality, embedded in the taste-memory of countless South Africans. And, most importantly, a spread of unparalleled aromatic fish taste.

Where Can I Buy Pecks Anchovette In South Africa?

Is fish paste still available in South Africa?

Iconic fish paste brands Redro and Peck’s Anchovette are back on SA shelves. Pick n Pay has confirmed that iconic fish paste brands Redro and Peck’s are back on the shelves after the products were recently discontinued in South Africa.

What happened to anchovy paste in South Africa?

Then, in December 2021, the fish paste world fell apart. In January 2022, South African fish paste fans woke up to the ghastly news, and word spread fast: it had been confirmed that both brands had been discontinued, ostensibly for lack of interest.

Has Pick n Pay brought back Redro and peck anchovette in South Africa?

Pick n Pay has again triumphed for their customers, this time bringing two fish paste brands, Redro, and Peck’s Anchovette, back to store shelves – reigniting nostalgia for South Africans.3