Where Can I Buy Otostick In South Africa

What is an Otostick?

Otostick is a corrector for protruding ears made from medical silicon and skin adhesive.

Where Can I Buy Otostick In South Africa?

What is Otostick made of?

Otostick is a corrector for protruding ears made from medical silicon and skin adhesive. It adheres to the ear and the contiguous part of the head,

providing an immediate solution to prominent ears and an all-natural effect on the appearance.

Does Otostick work permanently?

Otostick produces a temporary corrective orthopedic effect in children 6+ and adults by providing or deepening the fold we have in the upper-end portion of the shell of the ear (or pinna). 

It will not reduce the size of the pinna, this is only possible with surgery.

How long should you use Otostick?

Each corrector should stay in place for between 3 and 7 days depending on the user’s ear shape, skin type and time needed to adapt to the product.

After 7 days maximum, remove the corrector and allow the skin to breathe overnight before reapplying Otostick the next morning following the same steps used earlier.