Where Can I Buy Ostrich Eggs In South Africa

What is an Ostrich Egg?

The egg of the ostrich is the largest of any living bird.

Where Can I Buy Ostrich Eggs In South Africa?

Cape Point Ostrich Farm

Address: Plateau Rd, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, 7985, South Africa

Areas served: Cape Point

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30 pm

Phone: +27 21 780 9294

Safari Ostrich Farm

Address: R328, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ and close at 4 pm

Phone: +27 44 272 7311

Ostrich Africa

Address: 46 Jones St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30 pm · More hours

Phone: +27 44 008 5051

How much are ostrich eggs in South Africa?

1 – 11 unitsR395,00
> 12 unitsR250,00

What is the equivalent of 1 ostrich egg?

Each ostrich egg is the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs, so you will not be able to eat a whole ostrich egg by yourself! Because ostrich eggs are so huge,

they are not a practical food source (try fitting one in your regular egg pan to boil).

How many kg is an ostrich egg?

Ostrich eggs are the largest of all eggs, though they are the smallest eggs relative to the size of the adult bird on average they are 15 cm

(5.9 in) long, 13 cm (5.1 in) wide, and weigh 1.4 kilograms (3.1 lb), over 20 times the weight of a chicken’s egg and only 1 to 4% the size of the female.