Where Can I Buy Oralcon Pills In South Africa

What is an Oralcon Pill?

Oralcon 30 ED is used to prevent pregnancy.

Where Can I Buy Oralcon Pills In South Africa?

Oral-con pills are available at all South African pharmacies. A prescription is first needed from a licensed doctor to get this contraceptive pill.

How much are oral con pills in South Africa?

The price of a pack of oral con pills (that lasts a month) is anywhere between R 87.82 – R 152.45.

What is the best way to take oral con pills?

Take one tablet daily at about the same time every day. You must take Oralcon 30 ED every day regardless of how often you have sex.

This will also help you remember when to take it. Swallow the tablet whole with a full glass of water.

How long do oral con pills take to work?

You will not be protected from pregnancy until you have taken your daily white active Pill for the next 7 days in a row.

Use another method of contraception (see above) such as condoms or do not have sexual intercourse for these next 7 days.