Where Can I Buy NFC Tags In South Africa

What is an NFC Tag?

Near-field communication is a set of communication protocols that enables communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm or less. NFC offers a low-speed connection through a simple setup that can be used to bootstrap more capable wireless connections

Where Can I Buy NFC Tags In South Africa?

How do I turn my phone into NFC tag?


  1. Go to Settings > More.
  2. Tap on the NFC switch to activate it. The Android Beam function will also automatically turn on.
  3. If Android Beam does not automatically turn on, just tap it and select Yes to turn it on.

How long do NFC tags last?

10 plus years

The NFC (near field communication) tag is made up of an antenna and a small passive IC chip usually on a PET substrate with an adhesive backing; no power source is required. Tags have a lifespan of 10 plus years.

Do NFC tags work on all phones?

In Android phones, NFC is native, so you can simply tap an NFC tag in order to read the data. For iPhones XS and newer, NFC is native as well, but in iPhone 7 through iPhone 10, you must use an NFC app to access these capabilities.