Where Can I Buy Netone Airtime In South Africa

Where Can I Buy Netone Airtime In South Africa

Buy airtime for any amount

To buy airtime for a custom amount:

  1. Go to Direct Recharge
  2. Add the amount you want buy. You will see the RTGS amount at the bottom of the box
  3. Click on add to cart and proceed to checkout.

Buying NetOne Data Bundles

Netone has a number of data bundles you can choose from. There are Social media bundles like  WhatsApp Bundles , Dollar a Day bundles, One Fusion and One-Fi bundles among others.

WhatsApp Bundles

Netone has WhatsApp bundles that expire in a day , a week and in 30 days. With data bundles the bigger the bundle the cheaper it is and the longer it lasts unless the user is a “data hog”

Available Netone WhatsApp bundles are:

  • Daily 20MB
  • Daily 50MB
  • Weekly 70MB
  • Weekly 150MB
  • Monthly 300MB
  • Monthly 750MB

Data Bundles

Data bundles are all purpose bundles that you can use for web surfing, streaming, or downloading. They come in various bundle sizes to suit every pocket. The Netone data bundles availabat Tanaka have a 30 day validity. Here are Netone data bundles that are available on this website:

  • 200MB for R50
  • 1.5GB for R200
  • 3.5GB for R400
  • 5GB for R500
  • 8GB for R680

How to buy Zimbabwe airtime in South Africa?


  1. Sender buys 263Toppa airtime voucher.
  2. Send recharge voucher to recipient’s Zimbabwean Econet number.
  3. Recipient dials *146*100#;
  4. Select Option 3 263Toppa Airtime and follow the prompts.
  5. Receiver can use the airtime directly without buying bundles.