Where Can I Buy Mounjaro In South Africa

Where Can I Buy Mounjaro In South Africa

Mounjaro is an injectable prescription medicine that is used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar (glucose) in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Mounjaro In South Africa

Mounjaro is a glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist and a gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) agonist.

As a GLP-1 agonist, it mimics a hormone called GLP-1, helps boost insulin production when necessary, reduces sugar production in the liver, and slows down food digestion.

As a GIP agonist, it encourages insulin production and sensitivity and reduces the production of stomach acid. This means food will digest more slowly, and a person may lose weight. Mounjaro also reduces a person’s appetite, which may help with weight loss.

This dual action makes it a unique medication in its market.

How to get Mounjaro in person?

Mounjaro is available only with a prescription. People can speak with a doctor in person or online to get one.

A doctor should prescribe Mounjaro only if it is medically appropriate. This means they will prescribe it for people who have type 2 diabetes, obesity, or overweight and a related condition. Learn more about who may qualify for Mounjaro.

A person will have to answer questions about their medical history and health goals so the doctor can ensure that Mounjaro is the right option. Mounjaro’s manufacturer recommends that people discuss the following with the prescribing doctor:

  • their current health conditions, including those affecting the pancreas, kidneys, and stomach
  • whether they have problems digesting food or gastroparesis
  • their current diabetes medications
  • any history of diabetic retinopathy
  • any current or planned future pregnancy
  • any current nursing or future nursing plans
  • all prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements they currently take