Where Can I Buy Littmann Stethoscope In South Africa

What is a Littmann Stethoscope?

The tunable diaphragm of a Littmann stethoscope makes auscultation more efficient by eliminating the need to remove, turn over, and reposition the chest piece to hear different frequency ranges.

By adjusting the pressure applied to the chest piece, clinicians can isolate each frequency range to discern subtle sounds.

Where Can I Buy Littmann Stethoscope In South Africa?

Afrimedics (Medical Equipment)

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4SA Medical Supplies

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Omnisurge (PTY) Ltd. JHB

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Specmed Medical

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What is the difference between Littmann stethoscope 2 and 3?

Bell size: The bell (the part of the stethoscope used to listen to low-frequency sounds) on the Classic II is smaller than the one on the Cardiology III. tubing length: The Cardiology III has longer tubing than the Classic II.

How can you tell a fake classic 3 Littmann?

Tubing: If there’s one key component of the Littmann stethoscope that can clearly indicate whether the item is genuine, it’s the tubing.

The original stethoscope features tubing made from high-quality, latex-free material that’s highly flexible and retains its shape even when bent.