Where Can I Buy Leopard Skin In South Africa

Where Can I Buy Leopard Skin In South Africa

A leopard skin is a symbol of royalty, the chiefs indicate both their submission and their indispensability as they carry the skin to the ruler.

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Why do African kings wear leopard skin?

It is revered as a totem animal among the Zulu people, who call the leopard ingwe. For them, the leopard symbolises all that is noble, courageous, and honorable. Leopard skins are used in ceremonial wear by Zulu royalty.

What does the leopard symbolize in Africa?

African leopard - SANBI

The leopard is more revered than the lion by many African people for whom the leopard is the ultimate symbol of power because of its courage and tenacity in attack.

What were leopard skins used for?

Leopard skins form part of the leader’s regalia and dance costumes and may serve as seats at a ruler’s installation ceremony. The Krahn mat in the form of a leopard skin was probably substituted as a ceremonial seat.