Where Can I Buy Ibis Paint X In South Africa

What is Ibis Paint X?

ibis Paint X is a popular and versatile drawing app

Where Can I Buy Ibis Paint X In South Africa?

Is Ibis Paint X any good?

Overall, I’m very happy with ibisPaint. It is a great tool both professionally as well as for people who do art as a hobby.

Pros: Ibis Paint has a lot of features, especially in the trial period which can allow the user to decide if it is really what they need.

What’s the difference between Ibis Paint and Ibis Paint X?

There is no difference in features other than the presence or absence of advertisements for the paid version and the free version.

If you purchase the Remove Ads Add-on, the ads will not be displayed and there will be no difference from the paid version of ibis Paint.

How do you name your art in Ibis Paint X?

If a horizontal image is displayed vertically, tap the

① Thumbnail(small image) to rotate it.

Next, tap ② Title to name your artwork.

③ Artist is where you enter your name. This name will not be displayed when you upload your artwork.